Larry Granat

Board Chair
Larry retired from the hospitality industry in 2003, after selling the business his wife began and they ran for 24 years. A happy Rotarian since 1988, Larry served on or chaired many of the service committees we know today including being the Vice President of Programs and the President of the Seattle Rotary Service Foundation. Besides traveling to Zambia twice and Uganda on trips to rid small pockets of malaria, he has been a part of RMP since its inception.


Linda Cheever

Linda currently serves as President of Cheever Emerging Market Consulting, LLC after 25 years with Fluke and Danaher Corporations. She has been a member of the Seattle #4 for 9 years and on the RMP Board for the past 4 years. Besides working to end malaria, Linda enjoys reading, tennis and racket ball, and learning to play bluegrass banjo.

Catherine Willis Cleveland

Board Member
A graduate of Northwestern University’s Honors Program in Writing, Catherine has had a lifelong passion for connecting people through story. Married to a classical concert musician, and having traveled to over 50 countries, Catherine also thrives on cross-cultural connections. In her current position as Director of Development & Outreach for Hedgebrook, a 48-acre women’s writing retreat located on Whidbey Island, Catherine leads the Seattle-based office located in Pioneer Square. Hedgebrook writers are 80% women of color, and come to Hedgebrook from 38 different countries, to “author change”  through a variety of genres, including film, plays, and novels. 

David Siebert

Board Member
David has been a member of the Seattle Rotary Club #4 for the past 23 years, and has been a member of the Rotarian Malaria Partners Board of Directors for the past 2 years.

Jim Moore

Board Member
Responsible for RMP strategy & coordinate with Zambian Rotarians. 2014/15 Rotary 5030 International Service Chair. Passionate about water/sanitation/hygiene, adult education. Enjoys backpacking.

Roberta Nestaas

Board Member
Roberta is a retired CEO of Lutheran Community Services Northwest and a member of Seattle 4 Rotary. She joined the RMP Board after a service trip to Tanzania in the fall of 2014 and visited Rotary funded projects.

Bill Feldt

Vice Chair
As District 5030 International Service Chair, Bill attended, in the fall of 2010, a PATH/ Seattle # 4 open house on malaria. This was about one year after Seattle # 4’s inaugural trip to Zambia to meet with the government of Zambia, Zambian Rotary Clubs and NGO’s in Zambia. The panel discussion on malaria and what Seattle #4 and Zambian Rotary Clubs (with support from PATH) was inspiring to Bill. He is also a member of Federal Way Rotary Club.


Corinne Cavanaugh

Board Member
Corinne is President of Donor Swell, and is a digital marketing leader adept at helping nonprofits attract online donors. She is passionate about global health advocacy, a member of Rotary Club of Seattle (#4), the founding chair of the Rotary 5030 District Social Media Committee and an educational contributor to Rotary Zones 25/26 public image initiatives. Her goal? Use technology to make the world a better place. Twitter: @Social_Freedom_

Dorothy Echodu

Board Member
Dorothy is currently the CEO at Pilgrim Africa. She travels frequently to Uganda and spends almost 3 mo/year in Africa. Eradicating malaria is her particular passion, a place where she feels privileged to exercise both a love for Africa and for the complex human and science-centered challenge of delivering effective public health.


Nancy Osborne

Board Member
Nancy has spent her 30 year career consulting with healthcare agencies and organizations. As the Centennial President of Seattle Rotary #4, Nancy launched the Second Century Project to eradicate malaria worldwide. The project led to the formation of RMP which has joined over 50 international Rotary Clubs, hundreds of Rotarians using leveraged funds and volunteer effort to save countless lives from the devastation of malaria.

Robin Du Brin

Board Member
Robin Du Brin is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Columbia DuBrin Realty Advisors. She has many years of experience in the areas of seniors’ housing, operations, real estate, investment advising, finance, development, business and real estate law, and debt restructuring. She has published several articles for trade journals and national publications on the seniors’ housing industry including a chapter for John Hopkins: Research Issues in Real Estate Volume 4 Senior’s Housing. A committed Rotarian, Robin currently serves as Emerald City Rotary Club Board Member, and is President Elect as of July 2018. She is President of Computers for the World, (“c4w”), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, for thirteen of the past eighteen years, delivering over 5,000 computers and overseeing the establishment of computer labs in over 200 locations around the world, including schools, orphanages, libraries, hospitals, and Native American reservations. She has been co-responsible for raising over $300,000 for projects and Rotary grants for girls’ schools in Afghanistan.


Jeff Pritchard

Jeff currently serves as Director of Development with Bloodworks Northwest after spending 25 years in the financial services and banking industry. Jeff first joined Seattle #4 Rotary in 1980. A seasoned mountaineer, Jeff has climbed in South America, India, and Africa – all areas severely impacted by malaria.

Charley Dickey

Board Member
Retired financial executive with background separately in banking, treasury, and investment management. Taught introductory finance at the college level and graduate levels. Currently, civically engaged through participation in select non-profit boards including the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, the Student Conservation Association, and the Rotary Club of Seattle, in addition to Rotarian Malaria Partners.


John Adams

Board Member

John S. Adams is a Seattle native and 9-year member of Seattle Rotary Club #4. He has been passionately involved with Rotarian Malaria Partners since the 2010 Zambia Rotary trip, serves on the Board of Directors, and led the Rotary project in Tanzania for the first two years.  John is married to Andrea, raised 3 children and has 1 Bernese Mountain Dog, Greta. At work John is a Certified Financial Planner and Portfolio Manager at UBS, but in their neighborhood he is known as “Kenzie’s gran​d​dad” and “Greta​’s​ owner”.

Steve Crane

Steve Crane

Board Member

Steve currently serves as President of Crane International, and has 40 years experience working in international business and development. Steve consults with corporations and non-profit organizations on international business development and partnerships. A member of the Rotary Club of Seattle, Steve works with constituent Rotary leaders across the US on polio funding advocacy with their Senators and Representatives.


Ezra Teshome

Board Member
Ezra is the owner of a State Farm Insurance Agency in Seattle, WA. He has served as the 2013-2014 Rotary 5030 District Governor, as well as in various other positions. Ezra has been coordinating polio vaccination campaigns to Africa for the past 9 years and has worked hard on the quest to end polio worldwide.

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