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Malaria takes the life of a child every 45 seconds, more than any other disease. It is preventable and treatable. Every life lost is needless.

Rotarian Malaria Partners has joined the quest to save 3 million lives in Africa by 2015. Our current work is anchored by Rotarians across Zambia and supported by nineteen US Rotary Clubs. Our intent in launching this website is to encourage other Rotary Clubs around the world to become part of this work.

Each participating Zambian Club has its own project designed to help local health and community leaders fight malaria. These projects are developed in concert with PATH’s Malaria Control and Evaluation Partnership in Africa (MACEPA) and the Zambian Government’s National Malaria Control Centre. Collectively, the Rotarians implementing these projects across the country strengthen support for a sustainable national malaria control strategy.

There are a number of ways Rotarians are fighting malaria.  Each Zambian Club project incorporates the tools and training most appropriate to local needs.  In rural communities, one of the most effective Rotarian activities is distributing insecticide-treated bed nets to households and advising families about their proper use.  Club projects also provide health officials with malaria diagnostic kits and medicines.  Throughout this work, Rotarians help identify problems and monitor the progress being made.

Rotarian Malaria Partners call upon fellow Rotarians to join this quest to eliminate malaria in Zambia.  This website describes the projects seeking partners, the partners already engaged, and the rewarding work to be done.  Contact us today to find out how to become a Rotarian Malaria Partner at info@RotarianMalariaPartners.org.